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Father Patrick A. Martin

    Father Patrick Martin is an apostle, in touch with God - on fire with the Good News - in love with people. For him the handicap of blindness is a gift from God that makes him an extraordinary person of very special vision.

    Since the Fall of 1980 over 1000 parishes all over North America and  Europe have benefited from his Mission Program on "God's Love in Our  Broken Lives," and dozens more are scheduled in future months.

    Father Pat's faith and ministry are a source of hope and consolation to  all that  he serves in the Lord's name. May God continue to bless him and the fantastic work he does for His people.

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Apostolate of Prayerful Tongues - A Ministry to replace gossiping tongues with prayerful tongues. (Description and Enrollment Form)

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July 4th Independence Day • Our Lady of the Rockies
Father Pat's Calendar Updated through May 2014
Pope Francis' request for prayer • To the Happiest Heart
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Listen to Father Pat's song, "He Loves Me"
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 A NEW PAGE - 2nd in a series highlighting Father Pat's 2nd pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It will run as a series (finish undetermined as of yet). This page will feature lots of photos and information about the Holy Land.
The Virtual Library includes all Father Pat's Missions.
Should more missions be recorded in the future, the Parish Missions page will be recreated.

A Warm and Enriching Story about Momma Martin
A Collection of Morning Prayers

Pope Francis excommunicates Mafia • What's Happening at the VATICAN?

A Collection of Night Prayers
A Time of Angels • When the Wind Blows
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Julie • What Are You Giving to Life?
The Story of the 'Wild Canary'
from St. Francis, The Journey & the Dream
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