In December, 1953, after 5 months in the hospital with TB meningitis, I came home unable to see or walk, and God said, Patrick, don't worry!" My brothers and sisters talk me to walk again... A public school teacher got me into the home town schools as a blind student... A priest in our parish even taught me to serve Mass as a blind altar boy!



     I wanted to dedicate my "saved" life to God in thanksgiving but all doors to such a life seemed closed because of the blindness, and God said, “Patrick, don't worry!" Brother Louis Cote, of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, said, "We're going to make a good monk out of you!" As blind Brother Pat I taught in a boarding school, was a school librarian, a school secretary, and even became a librarian for the handicapped in New York City!



     Those I served in New York inspired, called me to serve them even more, as a priest! But again, all doors were closed and God said, ”Patrick, don't worry!" Bishop Daniel Reilly, of the Diocese of Norwich, Connecticut, obtained from Pope Paul VI special permission for me to be ordained a priest on October 7, 1978!  As a blind priest I've worked in Connecticut, in Maine, in New York, indeed all over the English speaking world, helping others like myself to discover God's love for them in their broken lives.



     In December, 2012, a sciatic attack threatened to send me to a nursing home for the rest of my life, and God said, “Patrick, don't worry!" My sister and brother-in-law, Patricia and Deacon Jerome Kozar, brought me from the hospital in Connecticut to their home in San Antonio, Texas!   After several months of recuperation, a priest in western Canada got me back on the road again with the words, "Bring your walker with you! All we want is your voice!" And so, for several years now my walker has traveled with me, still speaking God's love to our broken world!



     Then, on October 1, this year, my dear Bishop Cote, Diocese of Norwich, Connecticut, gave me retirement permission because of recurring effects from the sciatica, and God said, “Patrick, don't worry!" A new book, which has been in the works for several years now, is expected to be out by Christmas. A dozen or so parishes are on the mission schedule, and more requests to speak God's love to this broken world keep coming in! I guess the only thing that's changed with my retirement is my contact info! "Ave Maria Place" is no more, but you can still find me on the web with my webmaster, Gramma3 My new scheduler for missions, etc. is my dear sister, Mrs. Patricia Kozar, (210) 445-6705,

My own address for correspondence is:
Rev. Patrick A Martin
10730 Potranco Road
Suite 122, Box 258
San Antonio, TX 78251
(207) 423-4774

And God said, “Patrick, don't worry!" What will these retirement years hold for me, and for all God's dear broken people? I wonder and God said, “Patrick, don't worry!"
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