Many of our Ave Maria Publications readers have read and enjoyed Father Pat's books and have asked when his "next book" was to come out… Father Pat never knows beforehand when a new book is to come out! "They're always a surprise even to me," he said. "When the Good Lord gives the outline and says, 'Go write!' He provides the place and the inspiration, and the book 'flows' out!"  His first book's manuscript was written in Appleton, Wisconsin, and Bristol, Vermont! His second book was completed while recovering from sinus surgery in New Port Richey, Florida! The third book was finished while replacing a priest in Marathon Key, Florida, and his fourth book's manuscript came out from the island of Maui! His fifth book came out while he was "on the road!"

            On August 19, 2016, Father Pat was on the road again for two missions in North Carolina and one in Georgia! And, guess what! God had a surprise waiting for him in North Carolina. Between missions he stayed with our dear Ray & Marie Young at their summer home, a cabin in the Smokey Mountains.  There God gave us Father Pat's 6th book!


Mary, My Mother, Help Me To See God's Love For Me Today

by Father Patrick A. Martin

          As most of our readers know, Father Pat's books  -- and all of his works -- are given without price tags. "Sponsors" help make the first edition of each of his books available and then donations keep the subsequent editions available to people without charge! That way, EVERYONE can afford Fr. Pat's books!  500 sponsors, each giving $60.00, help publish ten thousand plus copies of the book as its first edition. Sponsors' names and "dedication lines" are printed gratefully in these first-edition copies. Sponsors receive the edition's first 500 copies, autographed and mailed to them via First Class Mail!

             Would you, and someone you know, like to help publish Fr. Pat's newest book? Feel free to make copies of this flier, and give them to friends and family, who would like to help. As soon as the 500 sponsors are registered we will be free to go to press! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVING HELP! GOD BLESS YOU!


     I would love to sponsor Father Pat's newest book!

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Music: Angels Watching Over Me
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