"He Loves Me"© is a song given to
     Brother Patrick A. Martin on April 14, 1977     

He loves me! He loves me!
He loves me as I am,
Oh yes, He loves me!
Yes, He loved me yesterday,
And yes, He’ll love me still tomorrow,
For He loves me just today,
the way I am!

He loves me! He loves me!
And all He asks is that I
let Him love me!
Let Him love me as He chooses,
With no thoughts for wins or loses,
Let Him love me as I am is all He asks!

He knows me! He knows me!
Better than I know myself,
Oh yes, He knows me!
Who I was the other day,
And who I will become tomorrow,
But He loves me just the same the way I am!

He calls me! He calls me!
He calls me as I am
to spread His love!
Knowing well who I have been,
Who I will be, who I am,
Yet He calls me just the same to spread His love!

He frees me! He frees me!
He frees me to say YES
Whenever He calls me!
Showing me His own
compassion, love and care
and understanding,
He frees me to say my YES when He calls me!

He loves me! He loves me!
He loves me as I am
Oh yes, He loves me!
Finding me wherever I am,
He gently guides me by the hand,
For He loves me as I am, oh, He loves me!
For He loves me as I am, oh, He loves me!

Lyrics and music for "He Loves Me"© by Father Patrick A. Martin

The Story of "He Loves Me"©
and how it was given to Father Pat
on April 14, 1977

     In the late spring of 1977, as the dream of the center began to look more and more like a ‘possible dream,’ another, older dream seemed also on the verge of becoming a ‘dream come   true.’ On March 18th of that year, my thirty-third birthday,   Bishop Reilly had officially accepted me as a ‘Candidate for the   Sacrament of Holy Orders’ in a small ceremony in the chapel of his   residence. Studies were completed, acceptance was now official, the road to final ordination seemed wide open! It was decided that I would be ordained a‘Deacon,’ the last major step prior to ordination in the priesthood, on May 20th, and priestly ordination would probably come in the fall. I must have been absolutely terrible to live with that spring! The drive for the center was moving even though often sabotaged by the weather; we had our second Persons are Gifts Weekend that spring at Easter; my brother, Gerry, was planning to move down and join us in the ministry; and now, plans for ordination were finally taking shape! I was in heaven! It was FANTASTIC!

     In April, I went on another ‘directed’ retreat,’ this time in Portland, Maine, to prepare for my ordination to the diaconate. At the beginning of that beautiful week, my retreat director asked what special grace I would like from the retreat. “Well,” I said, “I’d really like a picture of God this retreat.” He looked at me sort of questioningly so I went on to explain. “A young man falls in love, he asks his love for a picture so he can show his world ‘this is the girl who’s brought meaning into my life!’ "Well,” I concluded, “I’d like to have a picture of the God who loves me, a picture of ‘my Daddy,’ so I can show the whole world, ‘this is the God Who loves me!”

     “I’ve got a feeling,” he said, “that you’re going to get that picture!”

     There was a park about a mile or so from the priest’s residence where I was making my week-long retreat, so every day I would take my Bible under-arm and would head out for a long walk through the park. The retreat experience always made me feel tremendously free, free enough even to sing right out loud! I heard once that you should always sing loud when you sing – if you’ve got a good voice you sing loud to praise God for it; if you’ve got a bad voice you sing loud to get even! Well, most of the time I sing to ‘get even.’

     It was the sixth day of the retreat, I believe, and as usual, I was walking in the park – singing at the top of my lungs. I’m sure the park’s regular visitors had already commented ‘here comes that wacky priest again!’ But, all of a sudden, I stopped dead in my tracks! How do you sing a song you’ve never heard before? I mean, I can’t read music at all. Oh, I could probably figure out the notes from ‘F-A-C-E’ and ‘Every Good Boy Does Fine’ . . . but I really don’t know music. I tell people I’ve got a hard time carrying a tune in a basket, let alone writing original songs! But, there I was, singing away as if it was a long-ago learned favorite.


     I ran back to my room at the retreat house, almost faster than my legs would carry me! I dug out my ‘Dear Daddy’ . . . .notebook and opened to a clean page. In fifteen minutes I wrote down six verses of a song I had never heard before! Not being too trusting, I then took out my trusty tape recorder and proceeded to sing the song into the mic so I wouldn’t forget its melody! (Incidently, I’ve never forgotten that melody and I’ve never had to go back to that tape!) That night, when I went in to see my retreat director, I brought the tape recorder and announced, “God sent audio-visual aids tonight!” and then, without comment, I pressed the ‘Play’ key of the recorder. We both listened with tears.

     When the song was finished he said to me, “Patrick, what did you ask God for at the beginning of this retreat?”

     I was dumbfounded! “Oh, my Lord,” I said, “I asked Him for a picture and I can just see Him looking at me saying, “The poor dummy, has he forgotten that he’s blind?” If I give him a picture he won’t even be able to see it!” So, in His own, inimitable, creative love, He gave me a picture that I could hear!”

     Gradually, over the years of my life, I had come more and more to see our God’s love for me. That ‘daddy night’ in late 1973 is still vivid in my memory like it was last night! I’ve seen, tasted, felt . . . the countless blessings He’s heaped on me – when I least deserved even one of them . . . and on my family and on my work. Even more, I had gradually begun to see His love bringing good out of the evils, the tragedies, the sufferings that befell those He loved.

     That had become the whole theme of the ministry in Norwich and all over the country wherever I was called. But, never, had I actually seen it put into words – and music – that way! I had asked Him for a picture – the audacity of asking God for a picture! And He had responded with a picture that the blind man asking could hear! And in that picture He had described Himself in terms of His love for me, for us, His kids! Wow! Needless to say I flew home from that retreat. I was ready for anything!

©2000 Music and lyrics by Father Patrick A. Martin
     Over half a million printed copies of the words to “He Loves Me” have been distributed around the world by Father Patrick Martin through his parish missions on God’s Love.


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Music: He Loves Me © Sung by Father Pat
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