As I walked amidst the headstones
it was such a lovely day,
I’d often take a moment
to stop and for them pray.

I’d think of all the stories
of those beneath the sod,
and pray that they were resting
in their eternal home with God,

Once in a while I’d recognize
the name upon the stone,
my heart would lurch and tears would rise
as I stood there all alone.

Warm tears that fell upon cold stone
mingle with the prayers that rise,
to the Lord God up in Heaven
His love forever be their prize.

Each tombstone tells a story
someday mine will do the same,
right now life’s for living
I’ll go when He callsmy name.

                      Margaret Rose Larrivee



If I would have known what I know today, what was to be my journey on the face of the Earth, I would have had white hair long before my time. As it has worked out, God’s plan was the only one and each curve in the road brought me face to face with the next lesson that would bring me that much closer to my one and only God, Creator of all things.

  I could feel Him tugging at my heart and it was nigh on to impossible to ignore His tender voice as He led me down a sometimesthorny path my heart leapt for joy knowing I was following His will and doing what His first followers had done so many years ago. Apostles to teach them how it was necessary to teach the whole world to love one another and to love our neighbour as our selves.

     As I try to become the mirror image of Jesus, all I see are immense, obstacles such as human weaknesses and pits of iniquities and mountains of sinfulness. Only by Your grace oh God will we ever meet our expectations. We must strive to love as He loves, then and only then will we achieve our hearts desire.
                                                                              Margaret Rose Larrivee

By special request of Father Pat, our Poetry page will be forevermore
dedicated to our dear friend and poet laureate
Margaret Rose Larrivee

Words by Mary Lewe Cameron - Music by Mary Lou Geyer
Performed by the Queen of Peace Choir
"A song for our own Queen of Peace Parish, Hamilton, Ohio"


Music: Queen Of Peace
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