As of late I’ve been so gloomy
and not my usually happy self,
I’ll brighten my facade in and out
put the old me on the shelf.

My face and heart will smile once more
as joy returns to dwell,
in the Oasis of God where His Gifts
will all my gloominess quell.

My days will take on a brighter glow
and laughter fill the air,
I’ll live my life in such a way
no one will know I have a care.

I’ll give to God the old me
and I’ll give to Him the new,
I’ll daily sing His praises
for His Love fresh as morning dew.

Forgive my days of darkness
my discontent my plaints,
when you walked the road to Calvary
Your perfection didn’t taint.

                                      Margaret Rose Larrivee


Whenever life goes smoothly
seeming easy to carry our load,
once again it suddenly happens
we hit another bump in the road.

The odds were it was going to happen
it should come as no surprise,
down through the years experience
brought truth before our eyes.

Another tough situation
thankfully not to be borne alone,
the Lord God of all Creation
ever near us to guide us home.

Without Him our efforts are fruitless
we think not like Him it is true,
He whispers the route we must follow
shows us whatever we have to do.

Before He ascended to Heaven
He said He’d not leave us alone,
He’d light up the path we should follow
to show us the way to go home.

                                          Margaret Rose Larrivee

By special request of Father Pat, our Poetry page will be forevermore
dedicated to our dear friend and poet laureate
Margaret Rose Larrivee

Words by Mary Lewe Cameron - Music by Mary Lou Geyer
Performed by the Queen of Peace Choir
"A song for our own Queen of Peace Parish, Hamilton, Ohio"

Music: Queen Of Peace
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