Summer’s clock is winding down
It’s music makes a tic tock sound,
It’s rhythm like the brumm, brumm
Like when the circus comes to town.

The cicadas long since sang their song
As tadpoles wriggled in the pond,
On mossy rocks were silvery trails
Made by cold and slimy snails.

The cat-a-nine tails swing and sway
As a snapping turtle makes its way,
With a heavy dragging gait
That for once again not to be late.

As pussy willows grace the grounds
In rubber boots we tramp around,
These treasures make my life a treat
All that’s made by God can’t be beat.

Margaret Rose Larrivee


In the distant hills and streets nearby
Fall’s radiance bedecks the sky,
in a rainbow of colours the earth is dressed
her wardrobe shows off her very best.

Morning dew covers all with diamond drops
the land has produced all of its crops,
rivers, lakes and streams mirror the wonders of Fall
it sets our hearts throbbing, one and all.

The seasons keep us always anticipating
what beauty our hearts will be contemplating,
the smell of damp earth and fallen leaves
fill us with wonder at all God achieves.

How glorious to have the grandeur of seasons
each one makes for joy for so many reasons,
different sports, special outings or just for a walk
there’s something for everyone no reason to balk.

What beauty’s been given by the Father of Love
who shines down on us all from Heaven above,
be thankful for everything be sure to say
thank You Lord for the seasons for this we do pray.

                                     Margaret Rose Larrivee

By special request of Father Pat, our Poetry page will be forevermore
dedicated to our dear friend and poet laureate
Margaret Rose Larrivee

Words by Mary Lewe Cameron - Music by Mary Lou Geyer
Performed by the Queen of Peace Choir
"A song for our own Queen of Peace Parish, Hamilton, Ohio"


Music: Queen Of Peace
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